Bed Care Technician Program

One of the biggest frustrations from property managers are concerns about weeds. When weeds invade landscape beds, they can make an otherwise well-maintained property look unkept. To alleviate these issues, brilar is proud to offer comprehensive bed care solutions.

The new brilar Bed Care Technician Program features stand-alone bed care crews, whose sole responsibility is the maintenance and care of our clients' landscape beds. Our bi-weekly visits, conducted by State Certified Bed Care Technicians, will use a combination of techniques and world-class products to assure our clients enjoy weed-free landscape beds.

This unique program includes both a proactive and consistent approach to comprehensive bed care. Our technicians will apply and perform:

  • pre-emergent applications
  • post-emergent spot applications
  • manual weed removal as necessary
  • deadheads annuals & perennials
  • fertilize flowers as necessary
  • pick-up trash & debris
  • remove tree suckers as needed
  • identify & report additional site needs

Not only are Bed Care Technicians certified to apply pesticides, but they also undergo tremendous ongoing training at brilar Academy to ensure they are working safely and effectively.

At brilar, we are committed to excellence. To learn more about our bed care treatment program, contact us today.