Commercial Snow & Ice Removal

Brilar offers a variety of programs to ensure the continuity of your business operations

We will make it a priority that your tenants and/or employees are always able to travel on your property safely.

Our programs are customized with your safety and productivity as our primary goals. We’ve created a system that allows each program to be customized based on your preferences, creating a snow and ice management package that best achieves your organization’s project and financial objectives. Let the professionals at Brilar prepare your property for the winter season so you can concentrate on running your business.


Below are a few pillars of the Brilar Snow & Ice Removal program:

Estimating Process:

Brilar maintains a team of highly-trained estimators who personally visit each location and measure all applicable characteristics. Rather than relying on square footages, our team goes above and beyond, by providing accurate measurements of parking lots, city sidewalks, loading docks, dumpster areas, emergency exits, back doors, and any other areas that may require snow and ice management.

Field Staff:

Brilar Field Staff are composed of three groups to ensure that only properly-trained professionals are performing services at your location.

  • Snow Plowing Crews: Responsible for clearing of parking lots
  • Salting Crews: Responsible for the application of liquid and or rock salt to parking areas
  • Sidewalk Clearing Crews: Responsible for all building and city sidewalk shoveling and ice melt applications

Field Supervision:

Each region is staffed with an industry certified Area Manager to work directly with field staff and monitor quality control at all of their locations. Your team will have direct access to your Area Manager at all times for answers to quality control and service schedule questions.

Account Management:

Each account is assigned one of our highly trained account managers. Like your Field Supervisor, your Account Manager is available 24/7 to answer your questions regarding content and alterations to your contract, additional services, and enhancements.

Service Schedule and Deliverables:

Brilar is committed to have all locations fully-serviced according to applicable requirements and/or by 7:00am. Please note: timing of weather conditions may affect schedule.

Brilar’s Snow and Ice Management contracts call for the following service to commence at these corresponding trigger points/accumulations:
  • Plowing Services: at 1.5” of accumulation
  • Sidewalk Shoveling: at .75” of accumulation
  • Rock Salt and/or Ice Melt Application: whenever freezing temperatures are accompanied by precipitation

What Is the Difference Between Rock Salt & Ice Melt?

The difference lies in the mix. Halite, also known as rock salt, is strictly the mineral sodium chloride. Ice melt is typically a blend of sodium chloride with other minerals, such as magnesium and calcium. Rock Salt vs.Ice Melt? During…


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